A Wellness Center Is Born

by Mindy Solkin, Founder, Certified Running Coach, USATF Level 2 Since 1998, The Running Center LLC

What a difference a year makes! In the world of networking, sometimes your initial meeting results in a new resource that may take time to cultivate, other times you build a relationship right away. At the CCPA’s Speed Biz in April 2016, I met JingJing Cai, founder of MyDoc Urgent Care and Primary Care Center. We did the usual, exchanged business cards and then had a brief email exchange. At the time, I was not living in the Philadelphia area, but had been planting seeds to move back to my home town, the City of Brotherly Love. I had been away from Philly for 27 years... 25 years in NYC and two years down the shore. And things had changed. When I lived in Center City the 1980’s (as a Yuppie Trailblazer) you couldn’t find a restaurant open for Sunday brunch. Now the Millennials have replaced the Yuppies, and long lines are formed at many eateries on the weekends.

Starting over in my new (old) city was daunting, but I was excited about all the new possibilities. When I left Philly in 1989, I was a fashion designer. When I returned this year, I was a specialty fitness business owner. While becoming a competitive runner in NYC, I fell in love with the sport of running, became a professional running coach, and started a company called The Running Center.

Announcing my return to Philly, I sent an email blast that piqued the interest of JingJing who wrote back to me asking to meet for coffee. We bonded quickly and discovered we had a meeting of the minds. JingJing’s business is health care. Mine is fitness. We realized that matching the two services and adding a third area, weight control, would make for a unique wellness business. And so, Run Well Center was born!

Our Integrative Method to Wellness includes physicals (paid for by insurance), metabolic testing (a scientific test that measures caloric usage at rest, providing targeted calorie zones for weight management), and running and wellness coaching. Truly, a one-stop-shop for health, nutrition, and fitness.

The Center is located inside MyDoc Primary Care Center at 1420 Locust Street, Philadelphia. Our Grand Opening will kick off with an Open House week from August 14 to 18, every day from 8:00am to 7:00pm.

CCPA provides an awesome venue to start relationships. Collaboration is the new buzzword. The race is not always won by the swiftest, but by those who diligently take steps to cross the finish line together.

For more information contact: Coach Mindy (Mindy Solkin)
Cell: 917-523-9297 Office: 267-519-9293
The Running Center - Founder, Certified Running Coach, USATF Level 2 Since 1998

Run Well Center - Co-Founder, Fitness/Wellness Entrepreneur

CCPA to Launch New Website

After, oh, way too long, CCPA is building a new website. With the help of CCPA Board Member, Patty Tawadros of Xercel, we are developing an up to date, fully functional and member oriented site. Members will be able to log in, edit functional profiles, add pictures and even recommend each other.  A new event calendar will make registering easier and more efficient.

Watch for details coming this year!