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In my experience, CCPA has been an extremely valuable resource in building my business. The organization fosters close relationships among its members, the events are always enjoyable, and the Lunch with the City's Leaders events are informative and provide great networking opportunities.”
– Nella Bloom, Managing Member

I joined CCPA to meet professionals in Center City that are influencers and to learn more about other businesses. This organization of CCPA has shared so many exciting stories of success, and growth for the city of Philadelphia.  I am glad I am a member.  I like to bring store staff  occasionally, like  my co-op student for the experience and exposure, or my Controller from corporate, or a selling associate to learn more about the business in Philadelphia. It’s a great source for building friendship, and business partnerships.”
– Janice Wright Waitkus, Store Director-Community Relations LAGOS Rittenhouse

"Our CCPA membership allows our employees to network and grow their sphere of influence in much more intimate settings than with large chambers and other business organizations.”
    -Eric Elmore, Marketing Executive

 “Membership in a smaller chamber like CCPA has made business development and building relationships much more effective. The sense of community among like-minded members is what I enjoy the most.”
    – Gail Marcus, Real Estate Attorney

 “CCPA is my personal MBA program at a fraction of the cost of the real thing.  The speakers are incredible and bring real-world solutions to the common problems small businesses face every day.”
    – Rachel Kieser, CPA